All-Inclusive and Partial Process
At Falls Art Foundry we are prepared and able to take your project from initial consultation and conceptual designs to sculpting, casting, patination, delivery and installation with the same care and attention we would our own. However, we are also happy to work with our artists and clients who prefer our partial support of their vision by working from your molds or waxes and either returning or finishing your cast artwork. Regardless, of your needs our experienced team will work with you throughout the process to guarantee that every unique project meets its requirements, exceeds expectations, and is completed to absolute satisfaction. We are here to assist you and your project in whichever way we can be of service.

Project Consultation
Our experienced team will evaluate the unique details and demands of your project to ensure that you receive the most accurate and informed estimate for your work.

Concept & Design
Our in house artists and designers are capable of bringing your unique vision to life no matter the challenge, style or subject. Through decades of diverse project experience our talented artists will comfortably relieve the concerns of fulfilling your vision and all the stringent demands of each and every sculpt.

Enlargements & Reductions
Our foundry is capable of reproducing any sculpture in a reduced or enlarged size with a variety of materials and technologies all while preserving your every detail.
Mold Making

Our mold making expertise is founded on decades of understanding the long view of how to determine the design of the mold and what materials will be most appropriate to capturing your art for centuries to come.

Our talented wax makers and chasers will keep your form and detail exactly as you sculpted it so that in the end only the material will be the difference in your unique bronze work.

Casting and Fabrication
Our large capacity casting facility keeps the big projects together and makes small works as efficient as possible. Regardless, all casting and fabrication is performed by our experienced and talented foundry persons, welders and metal chasers.

Our patineurs offer a unique diversity of patinas with a variety of techniques that can produce classic to complex combinations and styles.

Conservation & Restoration
The care of your unique bronze sculpture or artwork is just as unique as the form itself and can often be a matter of the inherent concept of the art. We are able to pre- schedule regular conservation maintenance to keep your work looking exactly as it did the day it was installed for generations to come.

Crating and Shipping
Our carpenters create custom crates for every unique form to guarantee a safe journey anywhere in the world.

At Falls Art Foundry it’s not finished until it’s finished. We are fully insured and prepared to arrange or assist with the secure installation of your work in all public and private settings.