Our Vision

For our community to continue to create great visual art, we need to continue to foster great visual artists.

At Falls Art Foundry we envision a welcoming, adaptive, ecologically responsible, high tech, and low tech sculptural arts campus. Supported by our foundry, gallery, and classrooms, with knowledge and opportunity, we will serve our community as an invaluable sculptural resource. Our goal is to offer the exposure, tools, and experience for individuals to confidently approach the world around them and become our region’s next generation of critical and creative innovators.

This vision is the proportional balance of our legacy, a deep and diverse lineage of creative lives who have given the foundry, and our region, the distinguished opportunity to learn, teach, create and celebrate sculpture.

Scott Boyer

Scott is a sculptor from Louisville Kentucky. He graduated from the University of Dayton with a B.A. in Sociology. After college Scott accepted a sculpture apprenticeship with the artist Bob Lockhart assisting in the completion of countless stone, wood, and clay works. One of Bob’s large commissions introduced Scott to the Bright Foundry and the world of bronze art casting. Over the next twenty-three years, he learned all aspects of art casting, while working on everything from small production pieces to the largest equestrian sculpture in Kentucky. Scott understands the unique relationship between the artist and the foundry that is required for the realization of the artist’s vision, and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.


Matt Weir

Matt is a sculptor from Louisville, Kentucky. He graduated Cum Laude with a Sculpture BFA from the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute with minors in Humanities and Art History. Matt’s sculpture work has garnered critical praise and widespread success with major works ranging in nature from massive stone, bronze and mixed media works to conceptually refined and diverse multi-media expressions. Matt is passionate about sharing his diverse sculpture media and technical casting know-how to all generations of artists, makers, visionaries and curious people. Matt maintains a personal studio in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville.       www.mweir.com  |  @mpweir (instagram)



Falls Art Foundry is located in the historic Portland neighborhood right on the southern edge of the great Ohio River and just across from the “Falls of the Ohio”, the river feature and place that would give rise to our home Louisville, Kentucky. To learn more about this oh so consequential river impediment please visit the Falls of the Ohio State Park website, or just go there.